SoCal GRiT Program

Girls Moving Mountains – A NICA GRiT-Inspired podcast.

Girls Moving Mountains is a NICA GRiT podcast! While this podcast is for everyone, there is a strong focus towards recruiting female student-athletes and coaches into mountain biking while building a supportive community across the nation. Each episode will be 30-45 minutes with new guest stories being released every other week. We have grouped episodes into themes: Creating Culture, Repair and Care, Student-Athlete Spotlight, Breaking the Barrier, Where Are They Now, and What’s Next. We believe these themes embody the spirit and values of mountain biking and will appeal to student-athletes, coaches, parents, and communities from all over.

Girls Moving Mountains is funded by NICA with support from the Rapha Foundation, the Walton Family Foundation, Fox Factory and Continental Tires. 

Learn more about NICA, GRiT, and getting #morekidsonbikes and #moregirlsonbikes here:

What is GRiT? Girls Riding Together. Why GRiT? To ensure that girls know the sport of mountain biking is a sport for EVERYONE!

For too long there has been a misconception — often pushed along by clumsy marketing — that mountain biking is a sport predominantly for boys. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Our mission with the SoCal GRiT Program is to get more girls (grades 6-12) and female coaches on bikes while showing that EVERYONE can ride bikes: girls, boys, brothers, sisters, moms, dads, etc. Yes, mountain biking is a tough sport but the lessons learned and friends made make it an inspiring activity to participate in for life. We feel that one of the best ways to get #MoreGirlsOnBikes is to create a community where we can share our excitement, encourage one another, and spread the word through various outlets. We do this through a combination of GRiT Ambassadors, GRiT Gatherings, GRiT Tent activities at races, visibility through GRiT Kit and marketing material, and ice cream. LOTS OF ICE CREAM! It’s going to be a fun adventure! For more information on the GRiT program, please contact