Our growth and sustainability have always been fueled heavily by the generous and passionate members within our community.  Thank you for helping us continue our work with youth in this healthy life-long sport.

Updated January 2021 reflecting donations beginning in 2020. Founding donors are honored with a perpetual spot on the paceline.


Dr. John Gunnell

Jonathan Kaye

The Boeing Company: Brian Emter, Michael Jones, Roscoe Litchard

National Christian Foundation of California (on behalf of an anonymous donor)

Andy's Birthday Events / Non-Dot Adventures

Datron World Communications


Access2insight: Share the Ride 2021

National Christian Foundation of California (on behalf of an anonymous donor): 2020

Shawn Howard: Share the Ride 2020

Disney EARS to YOU: 2020


James Yokoi: 2021
Dan Goese: 2021
Jeff DeGuide: 2020


Silvia Hebner: 2021
Donald McDougall: Share the Ride 2021
Kendra Bolan: Share the Ride 2020
Jim Winner: Share the Ride 2020
Andre & Kristen Van Rooyen: Share the Ride 2020

Thank You!

Margaret Ricci: Share the Ride 2021
Stuart Fealk: 2020, 2021
Connie Valdez: Share the Ride 2020, 2021
Steven Sheffield: Share the Ride 2020
Tony  King: Share the Ride 2020
Blake Thompson: Share the Ride 2020
Anonymnous: 2020 
Michelle Weaver: Roll Model 2020
Chris Searle Everest: Addison Simis 2020
Matthew Simis Everest: Addison Simis 2020
Brandon Thede Everest: Brandon Thede 2020
Gene Harding Everest: Brady White 2020
Andrew Matyseck Everest: Addison Simis 2020
Maribeth Reinbold: 2020

Thank You!

Shad Stoltz: Share the Ride 2020
Andrew Rowley: Share the Ride 2020
Vladimir Grishchenko: Share the Ride 2020
Amy Call: Share the Ride 2020
Cody Clark: 2020
Aaron Barnett: Roll Model 2020
James Landrigan Everest: Addison Simis 2020
Mike Jones Everest: Addison Simis 2020
Sara Vuoso Everest: Addison Simis 2020
Luke Copeland: Roll Model 2020
John Coats Everest: Brady White 2020
Meredith Kennedy Everest: Addison Simis 2020
Luke Mysse: 2020

Join the Donor Paceline


What is a paceline? In cycling, riders are able to form a tight rolling line with each rider in turn taking short “pulls” at the front while the others are able to shelter from the wind saving energy. In this way, each rider in a paceline is able to cover ground much faster than a solo rider while expending the same amount of energy.

By donating you become a member of the SoCal League Paceline helping us work together to continue to provide the best and safest cycling programs for young athletes in our high schools.  The league is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, all donations are 100% tax deductible.

Bronze ($10), Silver ($50), Gold ($250-499), Platinum ($500–999), Trailblazer ($1000-4999), Founder ( $5000+)

Donor Paceline