Frequently Asked Questions

We have been getting some questions about the WRMB Challenge so we have started a FAQ that we will add to as questions come in.


Q: What does WRMB stand for and how do you pronounce it?

A: Well-rounded Mountain Biker, wor-em-be.


Q: When does the WRMB Challenge take place?

A: January 1, 2021 through April 20, 2021.


Q: Does this mean we won't race?

A: If we CAN race, we WILL! It all depends on if the government allows us to hold events. Also, the WRMB Challenge will take place regardless of if we race or not.


Q: Are middle schoolers allowed to participate in the challenge? What about coaches?

A: Yes, absolutely! Anyone who is registered in Pitzone as a coach or student-athlete is welcome and encouraged to participate.


Q: The Completionist is really tough. Will any road bike work count toward the goal? Or is it only MTB miles?

A: We're guessing The Completionist award may only be completed by a REALLY DEDICATED AND STRONG couple of riders (if at all). As for what mileage counts — pretty much any bike riding miles during the challenge (1/1/1 to 4/20/20) can count. Any outside-of-team mileage or completing of the achievements is fine. We just want to make sure if kids on the team are doing stuff outside of practice (again, that's fine) that they and their parents/guardians know it's under parental supervision and thus optional for the team:)


Q: Is there a conversion for road:mb miles?

A: No, but riding on the road is fine AS LONG as parents are student-athletes are aware that any riding done outside of practice is NOT covered by NICA insurance.


Q: Do virtual miles count?

A: Yes virtual miles may be counted. Just make sure to keep a log so that you know what you did at the end of the challenge.